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The most difficult transition in medicine occurs at the beginning of the clinical years of medical school and extends through intern year of residency. During this portion of training, the student must effectively rewire their approach to problem-solving. Throughout premedical and pre-clinical medical training, there is an emphasis on the standardized Q&A format. We are instructed to memorize infinite facts in order to sound smart when our attending asks a random esoteric question. In clinical medicine, there are no standardized patients (or questions) where we are confronted with the minimum essential information required to help us obtain the correct diagnosis. In practice, patients may have a limited ability to express their symptomatology, have a difficult physical examination, have a rare presentation of a common disease, etc. Therefore, in clinical medicine an emphasis is placed on developing a systematic approach that will most often result in the correct diagnosis. This approach is especially critical in emergency medicine (EM). In EM, the clinician often deals with the undifferentiated patient and the correct diagnosis may not be evident until days, weeks, or months later. As a result, in the beginning stages of a workup, knowing the correct diagnosis takes a backseat to having a concise and effective initial approach.

The goal of this website is to help make these connections. We do this by simplifying complicated topics, with an emphasis on zooming out to focus on the big picture. Focus on the process!



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Manuel Celedon MD


Dr. Celedon is an Emergency Physician currently practicing in Los Angeles. He is committed to improving medical education for medical students and junior residents. He was an editor of WikEM, served as a chapter author for the USMLE Review book, Crush Step 1, and works closely with medical students and residents. He is a fantasy football addict and enjoys listening to old school rock on his spare time.

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Zahir Basrai MD


Dr. Basrai is an Emergency Medicine Physician currently practicing in Los Angeles. He works closely with medical students, interns, and residents rotating through their Emergency Medicine rotation. He is passionate about medical education. He is the founder of nuMose (http://www.numose.com), an online medical search engine that is built for physicians, and the narrative medicine website The Physician Grind (http://www.blog.numose.com/pghome). In his spare time Dr. Basrai enjoys traveling the world, running, and eating cheetos.



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