The EMEd Intern Bootcamp

Welcome to intern year! Your first “page” will probably be to input a patient’s diet order. Easy stuff as you have time to look up what to do in your MGH Pocket Medicine Book. The terrifying “page” is the one regarding a barely familiar patient you are cross-covering that just became hypotensive or developed chest pain. You do not want to bug your senior resident as they are busy admitting a patient in the ED. This is your time to shine. Preparation is key and it is important to have a systematic approach to undifferentiated patients with acute complaints.

Making prompt critical decisions while efficiently managing multiple patients simultaneously is what makes the transition from medical student to intern year difficult and stressful. Do not fret, we are here for you! Medical school filled your mind with an unbelievable amount of minutiae. During residency, it is your job to sort through all that knowledge and catalogue in an easily accessible manner in your brain. Our goal is to help you bridge the gap between the pre-clinical and clinical training.

We have distilled our curriculum down to the most important lectures. We start by giving an overview of how to reframe your thought process when facing the undifferentiated patient. We then move on to lectures focused on the approach to patients with high risk chief complaints. The bootcamp finishes with lectures focusing on managing the unstable patient. After reviewing all the lectures in the bootcamp, you will have hopefully developed and acquired the tools necessary to navigate your intern journey. We wish you the best of luck.

Manuel Celedon MD
Zahir Basrai MD

The Core
EM Mindset: Approaching ALL Undifferentiated Patients
ED Work Flow: An Efficient Approach to Working Up Patients

Critical Chief Complaints
Chest Pain: It's Giving Me Angina
Shortness of Breath: She Looked Fine a Minute Ago
Dizziness: The Ultimate BS Chief Complaint Part 1
Dizziness: The Ultimate BS Chief Complaint Part 2
Headache: It's Giving Me One
Back Pain: Bulbocavernosus Reflex?!

The Unstable Patient
The Pulseless Patient
Approach to the Undifferentiated Hypotensive Patient
Approach to Narrow Complex Tachycardia
Approach to Wide Complex Tachycardia
Approach to the Patient with Bradycardia

Bonus Videos
Approach to EKG Interpretation
Wild Cards: Avoiding Land Mines
Calling Admissions and Consults

Last Minute Tips
Welcome To Intern Year Webinar