This episode of the Physician Grind Podcast is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Michael Smolens. It originally aired May 14, 2017. Dr. Smolens was an incredible physician, teacher, and mentor. He will be missed dearly. 

Dr. Michael shares a story from his days in training.  A "father" requests to see his son one last time before the son heads to the Operating Room. What ensues is old school ER. 

There is nothing more terrifying than hearing the flight attendant call for a healthcare emergency. You never know what you are going to get yourself into. Is the patient about to code? Do I need to divert the flight to the closest airport? In this episode of the Physician Grind Podcast Dr. Zahir shares his experience with an airplane medical emergency. Share your Airplane emergency story in the comments

In this episode of the Physician Grind Podcast, Dr. Zahir shares with us a story of when an emergency suddenly ended his vacation. He had just returned from a "soul searching" trip to India and South East Asia, when he decided to go bowling with old friends. On his drive home the traffic on the freeway suddenly stopped. What he found was a motorcyclist on the ground that had been involved in a terrible accident. Dr. Zahir struggles with dealing with an emergency outside of the comfort of an Emergency Department. He feels useless as he tries to figure out what to do to help begin the resuscitation of the patient. Luckily paramedics arrive before the patient loses his pulse and are able to scoop and run. Link to the full written narrative piece:

In this episode Dr. Zahir shares the story of inserting his first chest tube. After a long overnight call, the cobwebs are suddenly cleared when he summons the power of Hulkamania to complete the procedure.  Under the watchful eyes of surgeons, Dr. Zahir hears his fans cheering him on and successfully inserts the chest tube.  

In this episode of the Physician Grind Podcast, Dr. Michael returns to share with us another one of his incredible stories from the Emergency Department. Dr. Michael is in the middle of his shift when a pregnant patient in labor is brought in. After examining the patient, Dr. Michael determines that the delivery is imminent and that there is no time to take the patient to labor and delivery. An OB/GYN intern rotating in the Emergency Department performs the delivery with no problem. However, as she is about to perform an episiotomy tear repair, she is greeted by a "surprise delivery".

In this episode of the Physician Grind Podcast, Bryan shares with us the story of dealing with an "animated" trauma patient. The patient was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a car. The patient is screaming and refusing to answer any questions. One of the paramedics decides to look through his bag to see if there are any drugs that would explain his erratic behavior. Sometimes it's just better not to look through the contents of a Satchel.

In this episode Dr. Todd Feinman shares a personal story where a false positive tumor scare resulted in him having an unnecessary and painful surgery.  Dr. Feinman believed that his experience could have been avoided had there been user-friendly technologies in place that would enable patients/physicians to use the data found in clinical studies to determine the most effective test or treatment for a given medical issue - so he created his own company, Doctor Evidence, to solve this problem.   

Episode 2: Luis shares a story in which he faced two patients who had issues with their "exit tunnels." He first gets called to a patient who is defecating up and down the hospital Hansel and Gretel style. After getting that patient situated he is approached by a different patient who is in agonizing pain... pain that started when he put garlic up his rectum.