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It was June 2005 and I was up early in the morning as always, but this morning had a special breath to it. I was going to drop off my husband and son that night at LAX airport as they headed to New York on a red eye flight. My son had an appointment with a faculty member, the same day they arrived, regarding getting him off the wait list of the medical school he had applied to.

The drive to the airport seemed longer than usual, as each one of us was grappling with the significance of this trip. There were moments of silence, trying to read each other's expressions, not me for sure because I was driving, but I could still feel the weight of anticipation and the unknown that shrouded us. Then again at times we would all burst out talking as if playing in an orchestra reaching a crescendo.

The drive back home, took forever not just for traffic reasons but also because I wanted to fast forward to the moment where I would receive a call from my son saying: "Mission accomplished I am off the wait list and admitted to the medical school".

I barely slept all night, the night delved into morning and I was up early as usual, wait a minute, I was up early because I had not slept at all. I got busy with the morning routine and chores all along waiting for that fateful call. Around 11 am I hear a knock on the front door and I was welcomed with a large size package, looked more like a large envelope.  I held it tightly wanting to shut the door as my postman continued to carry a one sided conversation with me.  Finally realizing I was distracted, he politely said he needed to get back to his mail delivery for the day.

With trepidation I opened the large envelope, because it was addressed to my son from the medical school he had applied to. The words, "Congratulations you have been accepted to the class of 2009", jumped at me. Wait a minute I tell myself, 2009, really what good is that, what is he going to do in the interim? First get a Master's, Ph.D, and then start medical school! I was not happy! I called my daughter and poured my heavy heart out, "Wait a minute mom, slow down mom, calm down mom, let me talk mom", I kept hearing her pleas but it did not register, until finally I heard her yell out, "Mom he got in, he got in, Class of 2009 means he will graduate from medical school in 2009, not start medical school in 2009".

That was it.  Those monumental words that resuscitated me, gave me new life! I called my son and said proudly, "You got your acceptance letter", there was quiet on his side, they were still with the faculty member.  I then heard my son sharing the good news with his father and the faculty member, and again I heard a burst of talking all at once, as if playing in an orchestra reaching a crescendo.

This time the words were, "He is going to New York", and then another looming reality set in, he will be gone for four years!

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