Match Day

As this is the time of year that medical students are graduating from medical school and are preparing for the start of their residency programs, we felt this would be a good time to reflect on match day again. We posted on a match day experience a couple of months ago ( and we were recently contacted by Dr. Liz who graciously shared her own match day story with us.


I was that girl in the corner crying on Match Day. I was the horror story referenced to in the article "untold story of Match Day" who had to tell her husband and 2 kids that they were going to have to leave their school, friends, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everything they ever knew to travel across the country because a computer told me to. 

I, like the author of the post, applied in Emergency Medicine. I had interviews in my home city, but they were competitive and limited to only a few, so I had to interview all over the country. I was really impressed by the program across the country in a cool city. A newer program, but led by an inspiring and fresh PD who was a great salesman and storyteller with a clear vision. So I ranked that program right after the programs in my home city, just in case.

Before Match Day, I had a feeling we were going to have to move. I knew I wasn't good enough, accomplished enough, smart enough to stay at the top top programs in my hometown. It was a small, nagging realization that made me so anxious that I told my parents not to drive the half hour to school for the Match Day ceremony. I didn't want to see their disappointment, or them mine. I was right.

What does the girl with the tear streaked face and the brave smile that is breaking at the corners do as her classmates are celebrating well earned success? She leaves. Actually, my husband had took note of that nagging feeling I failed to conceal as well as I had hoped,  and booked a weekend away just in case. We left from the ceremony straight to a cabin in the woods. 

After a weekend of logistical moving planning, tears, grieving our changed vision of our future, and more tears, I realized that it will be okay. I'll be training at a great program in a cool city with a PD that inspires me. Kids are adaptable and Whatsapp has video calling. Residency training is finite. 

Here's to the next adventure. 

Dr. Liz 

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